Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ala Al Haj Hussein Issa Batarseh Design and Operation of Stationary Distributed Battery Micro-Storage Systems
Zhao Wang Aman Behal Lyapunov-Based Control Design for Uncertain MIMO Systems
Mukundan Iyengar Mainak Chatterjee Measuring and Improving Internet Video Quality of Experience
Rawad Al-Hadda Ronald DeMara An Adaptive Modular Redundancy Technique to Self-Regulate Availability, Area, and Energy Consumption in Mission-Critical Applications
Rashad Oreifej Ronald DeMara A Sustainable Autonomic Architecture for Organically Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Yazid Yusuf Xun Gong A Microwave Radiometer Roughness Correction Algorithm for Aquarius
Abhijit Wakchaure Kien Hua Exploring Techniques for Measurement and Improvement of Data Quality with Application to Determination of the Last Known Position (LKP) in Search and Rescue (SAR) Data
William Junek W Linwood Jones Forecasting Volcanic Activity Using an Event Tree Analysis System and Logistic Regression
Sayak Biswas W Linwood Jones Brightness Temperature Calibration of Aquarius/SAC-D Microwave Radiometer (MWR)
Xiang Liu Juin Liou Characterization, Modeling, Simulation and Reliability Deliberation of Advanced InGaP/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor and MMICs
Ramin Mehran Mubarak Shah Analysis of Behaviors in Crowd Videos
Xiang Fang Zheng Shen Analysis and Design Optimization of Resonant DC-DC Converters
Patrick Shea Zheng Shen Single Event Radiation Effects in Lateral Power MOSFETs
Vinit Todi Kalpathy Sundaram Investigation of Reactively Sputtered Boron Carbon Nitrogen Thin Films
Dawn Trout Parveen Wahid Electromagnetic Environment in Payload Fairing Cavities
Pengju Shang Parveen Wahid Research in High Performance and Low Power Computer Systems for Data-Intensive Environment
Hongxia Tang Jiann-Shiun Yuan Study of Design for Reliability and Variability