At University of Central Florida

I was the instructor of the classes listed below.
EEL 4742C: Embedded Systems
An introductory embedded systems course; uses Texas Instruments evaluation boards.

EGN 3211: Engineering Analysis and Computation
An introductory programming course using the C language.

EEL 4742C: Embedded Systems (superseded)
An introductory embedded systems courses; uses the Motorola 68HC11 evaluation board.

EEL 3801C: Computer Organization
An junior-level computer organization class based on the MIPS architecture.

EEL 4768: Computer Architecture
An senior-level computer architecture class mainly based on the MIPS architecture; MIPS64 ISA; datapath implementation (single-cycle, multi-cycle, rigid pipeline); virtual memory; instruction-level parallelism (superscalar, VLIW); dynamic branch prediction; multithreading; overview of multi-core (cache coherence).

EEE 3342C: Digital Systems
An undergraduate digital systems class; uses Basys FPGA evaluation boards.

Short Courses

Programming Review Lectures
A short course on introductory programming with the C language (5 sessions x 90 minutes).

Embedded Systems Short Course
A short course on embeded systems based on TI MSP430 evaluation boards (5 sessions x 90 minutes).