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ATPT was a project carried out during the Fall 2010 Semester to the Spring 2011 Semester for the University of Central Florida Senior Design I and II classes for Graduating Electrical/Computer Engineering Students.

Automated Targeting Proximity Turret

Our group developed a prototype of an autonomous turret. One of the main goals of our project was the turret to function as a simulation of a real defense turret. We proposed a turret based weapons system capable of being operated on the system‟s own judgment of its surroundings and environment. Our system was heavily dependent on both hardware and software accuracy. We attempted to design the defense system with the highest functionality that is possible with the low cost. We have concluded the most important specifications of the system will be detecting, tracking, and targeting of the system.

The system also has an off-board server included in the the system to record engagement history. It also puts a snapshot of what the turret sees included in the engagement history, position, and live feed from the system. The server also allows for manual control of the turret for situations where manual override is desirable. The server hosts a web application that allows users to access all of its services remotely.

Team Members

-Hector Colon (CpE)

-Adam Horton (CpE)

-Kyle Steighner (EE)

-Nicholas Yielding (EE)