From Left: Vincent Wingfield, Manuel Navas, Tomas Villarreal, Kyle Otsuka

Project Description

Motorcycles are one of the most common forms of transportation seen in modern history. Despite their numerous advantages, safety has always hindered the image of motorcycles globally due to their high rates of injury and death. The purpose of this project is to help enhance the experience of the motorcyclist by creating a system in which safety is enhanced through the use of a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that provides useful information to the user. The main features of this project include smartphone application, GPS, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Gear Indicator, RPM Counter, and an emergency system that responds in the event that an accident has occurred. The advantage of using a HUD comes in its ability to eliminate the need for the motorcyclist to look down at the dials of the motorcycle to read the data. Displaying the information in front of their face, while not disturbing the user, makes for a much safer and pleasant experience.


Manuel Navas is a 26 year-old Photonic Sciences and Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. After graduation, he aspires to become a certified professional engineer. Ultimately, he wishes to develop laser medical equipment for precision-based surgery. Manuel was primarily tasked with creating the optical design that will display the information from the OLED display for the user to see.

Kyle Otsuka is a 23 year-old Computer Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. He continually seeks opportunities to improve his knowledge and experience working with computer software and hardware. Kyle was tasked with working primarily on the software including programs for the microcontrollers as well as the smartphone application.

Tomas Villarreal is a 22 year-old Electrical Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. He aspires to work in the field of power systems as he works towards acquiring his Fundamentals of Engineering certification and ultimately his Professional Engineer license. He was primarily tasked with creating the power system for the whole project as well as working on the Blind Spot Monitoring System.

Vincent Wingfield is a 23 year-old Electrical Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. His primary focus is on filter designs and embedded systems, and aims to use both of these focusses to be able to design systems for weapons and aircrafts for the US government. Primarily tasked with working on the RPM counter, Gear Shift Indicator, and the Emergency System as well as providing insight on the motorcycle and how to work with one.