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The Mobile Aerial Surveillance System (MASS) is a large blimp which has a camera system attached to it to provide the user with a overview of their surrounding area. The potential for the system is to give the user the ability to fly overhead with the camera system and auto-detect any people in the area. If they want to keep surveillance on one person in the camera view, they will be able to start tracking that persons’ movement with a click of a button on the User Interface for the blimp system on a computer. Although the blimp is a odd way of creating a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), we chose it as a more stable way of aerial video capturing the area. More conventional ways of designing surveillance UAVs is helicopters, quad-copters, and airplanes, but most of these design fly at high-speeds or have a unsteady structure where the camera feed can become too unstable for image processors to detection objects within the frame.

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