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Abusnaina, A; Nyang, D; Yuksel, M; Mohaisen, A

Examining the Security of DDoS Detection Systems in Software-Defined Networks Inproceedings

Proceedings of ACM International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), pp. 49-50, Orlando, FL, 2019, (POSTER).

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Khormali, A; Abusnaina, A; Nyang, D; Yuksel, M; Mohaisen, A

Examining the Robustness of Learning-Based DDoS Detection in Software Defined Networks Inproceedings

Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing (DSC), Hangzhou, China, 2019, (BEST PAPER RUNNER-UP AWARD).

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Saad, M; Anwar, A; Ahmad, A; Alasmary, H; Yuksel, M; Mohaisen, A

RouteChain: Towards Blockchain-based Secure and Efficient BGP Routing Inproceedings

Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurreny (ICBC), pp. 210-218, Seoul, Korea, 2019.

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Behzadan, V; Nourmohammadi, A; Gunes, M H; Yuksel, M

On Fighting Fire with Fire: Strategic Destabilization of Terrorist Networks Inproceedings

Proceedings of International Symposium on Foundations of Open Source Intelligence and Security Informatics (FOSINT-SI), pp. 1120-1127, Sydney, Australia, 2017.

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Gunes, M H; Yuksel, M; Ceker, H

A Blind Processing Framework to Facilitate Openness in Smart Grid Communications Journal Article

Computer Networks, 86 , pp. 14-26, 2015.

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Karaoglu, H T; Akgun, M B; Gunes, M H; Yuksel, M

Multi Path Considerations for Anonymized Routing: Challenges and Opportunities Inproceedings

Proceedings of IFIP/IEEE International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility, and Security (NTMS), pp. 1-5, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012.

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