NSF: RAISE: CA-FW-HTF: Prepare the US Labor Force for Future Jobs in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry: A Hybrid Framework and Multi-Stakeholder Approach (2019-2020, $978K, Co-PI, 30%)

Korean Gov: Development of Rehabilitation Integrated Real Time Control Ankle Foot Orthosis Algorithm (2019-2020, $50K, Co-PI, 50%)

NSF: CPS: Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components (2018-2021, $963K, Co-PI, 25%)

NSF: CRII (+REU): CSR: NeuroMC – Parallel Online Scheduling of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems via Neural Networks (2018 - 2020, $183K, PI, 100%)

University of Missouri System Affordable &Open Educational Resources Initiative Award (2018-2019, $7.5K, PI, 100%)

University of Missouri System Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) Mini-Sabbatical program: Mixed-Critical System Collaborative Research (2018, $8K, PI, 100%)