Wireless Home Control System

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Wireless Home Control System (WHCS) is a solution for any homeowner to be able to remotely control core appliances of their home. WHCS allows the user to control lights, outlets, doors, and sensors around their home. The system’s design philosophy emphasizes ease of use, affordability, and effectiveness. An Android phone application developed for WHCS allows users to monitor the state of the installed components and activate them remotely. A central base station equipped with a touch-enabled LCD is present, allowing the users to interact with the system without the need of a phone. Peripheral control modules may be installed into targeted appliances such as lights, outlets, and doors for WHCS to control.

For more detailed information, check out our final presentation slides and if you really want every detail, go ahead and skim through our final document.

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Document Date Published LaTeX Source Description
Initial Proposal February 12th, 2015 None WHCS' initial idea proposal
SD1 Final Document April 29th, 2015 Github SD1 research document
SD2 CDR Presentation June 4th, 2015 None Critical design review presentation to the class
Conference Paper July 21st, 2015 Github Mock conference paper distilled from the SD1 report
Final Presentation July 31st, 2015 None Essentially the CDR with minor revisions
SD2 Final Document August 4th, 2015 Github The SD1 document with removals and tense changes

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