Our work on designing a software-defined networking (SDN) protocol that allows real-time access to data residing at another institution will appear as an invited paper at IEEE ICCCN’19. This distributed SDN application is a first step towards a data-sharing system that respects both institutional policies while supporting real-time access to the data. For instance, in the US, hospitals do not want to share the medical data of patients due to HIPAA. Typically, the process for sharing data involves humans talking to each other over phone or paperwork being sent around. Our work could enable a device to seamlessly access patient data at another hospital given certain a-priori agreements made among the two hospitals and appropriate querying schemes designed so that the data does not move outside of the other hospital’s domain.

S. Chaudhry, E. Bulut, and M. Yuksel, “A Distributed SDN Application for Cross-Institution Data Access,” IEEE ICCCN, Valencia, Spain, July 2019.

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