My current research team is at Networking and Wireless Systems Lab (NWSL). I have had the opportunity to work with the following folks:


  • Sayanta Seth (Ph.D.) — spectrum sharing and directional wireless
  • Marc Jean (Ph.D.) — directional software-defined radio
  • Ahmad Hariri (Ph.D.) — software-defined networking
  • Sarwar Uddin Chowdhury (Ph.D.) — free-space-optical networks
  • Mohammad Hanif (Ph.D.) — VLC
  • Abdelkader Rhiati (Ph.D.) — software-defined networking
  • Asif Ishrak Sarder (Ph.D.) — free-space-optical networks
  • Mahad Ali (M.S.) — machine learning for software-defined networking
  • Natalia Colmenares (B.S.) — Internet peering
  • Tobiah Bower (B.S.) — free-space-optical networks
  • Aden McKinney (B.S.) — free-space-optical networks

Alumni (graduate only)