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Award Number:

Project Title:
Secure and Resilient Operations Using Open-Source Distributed Systems Platform (OpenDSP)

PD/PI Name:
Wei Sun

Team Members:
UCF, Virginia Tech, Open Energy Solutions, Duke Energy, Consumers Energy

Project/Grant Period:
08/01/2021 – 07/31/2024

Project Summary:
The goal of this project is to identify and address cybersecurity gaps by developing a multi-layer multi-channel cyber-physical defense and survival mechanism for operating distribution networks with high penetration of solar / inverter-based resource (IBR) / distributed energy resource (DER). The proposed security enhancements are built upon the distributed framework and solution architecture for both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems. The technical solutions consist of two composite functionalities and six layers: proactive defense (vulnerability assessment, communication protection, and attack detection, as layers 1-3), and adaptive self-healing (attack-resilient control, adaptive recovery, and resilient survival, as layers 4-6), as shown in the following Figure.