Award Number:

Project Title:
Scalable/Secure Cooperative Algorithms and Framework for Extremely-high Penetration Solar Integration (SolarExPert)

PD/PI Names:
Zhihua Qu

Team Members:
UCF, NREL, HNEI, Siemens, GE, Duke, OPAL-RT

Project/Grant Period:
09/01/2017 – 01/31/2021

Goals of the Project:
This SolarExPert project aims to meet the long-term goal of ENERGISE by designing highly scalable technologies for distribution systems to operate reliably and securely with extremely high penetration of distributed energy resources.
The overall project goals are:
(i) Design a modular, plug-and-play, and scalable Sustainable Grid Platform (SGP) for real-time operation and control of the large-scale distribution network (> 1 million nodes system);
(ii) Develop advanced distribution operation and control functions to manage extremely high penetration (> 100% of distribution peak load) solar generation in a cost-effective, secure, and reliable manner.
The performance will be tested through software simulation, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and testbed validation.


Project Deliverables:
(i) Open source software of the Sustainable Grid Platform with scalable architecture of distributed control and optimization
(ii) Developed models and algorithms – Advanced DMS functions

  • online distributed stochastic optimal power flow based on dynamic, real-time, distributed feedback control
  • online distributed system state estimation algorithms based on prediction-correction methods for time-varying convex optimization
  • distributed volt/VAR optimization and frequency control algorithms based on distributed cooperative control and optimization
  • distribution system restoration strategy based on distributed cooperative control of multi-agent systems

(iii) Software simulation and HIL testing results



Sustainable Grid Platform:

A Multi-Agent OpenDSS (MA-OpenDSS) platform with the following functionalities

  • open source software based on OpenDSS
  • asynchronous local communication architecture
  • secure communication based on OpenFMB
  • autonomous clustering for self-organizing microgrids
  • distributed optimization/control for voltage stability
  • distributed cooperative control for DERs to automously coordinate active power
  • distributed stochastic optimal power flow
  • distributed system state estimation
  • automatic distribution system restoration
  • fast automated process for impact studies of extremely high PV penetration

For download and further information, click MA-OpenDSS


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