Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Rickard Ewetz

The following position openings are available: I am recruiting skilled and self-motivated undergraduate students, M.S. students, and Ph.D. students to my research group. The research will be on optimization, physical design, and computer-aided design for VLSI. If you are interested, please send your resume to, or stop by Dr. Ewetz's office at HEC-235.

Ph.D. students will be provided financial support as a research or teaching assistant in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

I encourage M.S. who want to work with me to conntact me during your first (or second) semester at UCF.

If you are an undergraudate student and you enjoyed COP 3502 Computer Science I or COP 3503 Computer Science II, you will most likely enjoy my research.

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