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students holding certificates standing next to faculty member
Wei Sun with his students, scholarship recipients Nicole Parker and Maria Bonina Zimath

Two electrical engineering seniors, Nicole Parker and Maria Bonina Zimath, have won scholarships from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES) in recognition of their academic excellence and their promising future careers.

The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative is awarded to undergraduates majoring in electrical engineering with exceptional GPAs, involvement in distinctive extracurricular activities and a commitment to the power and energy field. Parker and Zimath each received a $2,000 scholarship.

Parker serves as the vice president of the UCF chapter of IEEE PES. She says she chose her field of study because she has always been passionate about helping the environment. As a future electrical engineer, she plans to focus on sustainability in the power and renewable energy field.

“I am excited to contribute to the evolution taking place in the power sector,” she says. “Electrical engineers are developing more efficient renewable energy sources, integrating renewable energy into the power grid and working to make our current systems more efficient and reliable, among so many other things. I would love to be a part of this.”

She became involved with IEEE PES to ensure students have workshops, networking events and hands-on experiences before they begin their careers.

“Power and energy is a growing and evolving sector and I feel that it is so important to encourage students to learn more about these changes,” Parker says. “In an electrified world, we need power and plenty of people to help in the process to generate, transmit and distribute it.”

Zimath, who serves as president of the university’s IEEE PES chapter, says she chose to study electrical engineering because of her fascination with innovation and technology, and her motivation to work on challenges related to creating a renewable grid.

She says her role in the chapter has given her the privilege of providing a number of academic and professional experiences for chapter members, including technical workshops and industry tours.students holding certificates

“One of my favorite events, ‘Power in Networking,’ brought together industry recruiters and students interested in the power sector, providing great career opportunities for our members,” Zimath says. “This event helped more than 70 students interested in the power and energy field.”

After graduation, both Parker and Zimath plan to continue their academic journeys by pursuing their master’s degrees.

“In this field, I can explore the intricate workings of electrical systems and contribute to advancements in energy technology,” Zimath says. “Electrical engineering offers a unique platform to drive innovation in renewable energy, grid modernization and energy efficiency – areas that are necessary to achieving a sustainable future for generations to come.”