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Award Description

The AMD Graduate Research Fellowship is made possible by the generous financial support from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. with the objective of promoting advanced research and education in Generative Artificial Intelligence for use in the design of computer architecture, high performance computing, and very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits and systems or in the acceleration of Generative or other Artificial Intelligence algorithms such as Inference and Training, for use in such systems. The recipient will receive full tuition coverage in addition to $35K of stipend for one year.

  • Incoming and current graduate students in ECE department with an interest to pursue a master’s degree (with thesis) or Ph.D. in computer engineering.
  • Applicants are expected to have already identified a thesis advisor who is a member of the ECE faculty.

Applications for Fall 2024 must be submitted by 5:00 PM ET on TBD. Applicants must provide:

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. A short essay describing the short and long-term career goals and plans of the applicant.
  3. A support letter from the potential advisor expressing interest in advising the applicant for their thesis as well as the potential project topic.

Helpful Resources

UCF Career Services has an abundance of resources and services available on their website to assist you with preparing your required application materials. Here are links to some of those resources for your reference: