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Azadeh Vosoughi

September 1, 2019
  Azadeh Vosoughi Professor Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Cornell University, 2006 Email Phone Office HEC-432 Phone (407) 882-0137 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Communication theory and wireless communications Detection and estimation theory Distributed detection, estimation, and data fusion with communication constraints Optimization and fundamental limits of cooperative wireless data communication networks Spectrum…

George Atia

September 1, 2019
  George Atia Associate Professor Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Boston University, 2009 Email Phone Office HEC-429 Phone (407) 823-3467 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Statistical and sparse signal processing Machine learning and big data analytics Controlled sensing and stochastic control Optical signal processing Neurological modeling and brain computer interfacing Security of cyber-physical…

Wasfy B. Mikhael

September 1, 2019
  Wasfy B. Mikhael Professor Ph.D., Electrical Engineering University of Concordia, 1973 Email Phone Office HEC-344 Phone (407) 823-3210 E-mail Research Page ARGIS Research Research Interests Digital Signal Processing Adaptive Signal Processing One and Multidimensional Signal Compression Filtering with Applications such as Speaker Recognition Image Classification/recognition Interference Cancellation in Wireless Communications                                       Multi-Signal Fusion Ongoing…