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graphic for ICCAD faculty

Six papers by UCF Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering researchers were presented at the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), held from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, 2023, in San Francisco. This year, UCF had the most first-authored papers among all U.S. institutions, ahead of Georgia Tech, which had five first-authored papers. ICCAD is the premier venue to explore new challenges, present leading-edge innovative solutions, and identify emerging technologies in the electronic design automation and computer design research areas.

The papers by ECE researchers presented at ICCAD are as follows, with all the first authors affiliated with ECE (listed in alphabetical order by the first author’s first name):

BeKnight: Guarding against Information Leakage in Speculatively Updated Branch Predictor

Md Hafizul Islam Chowdhury, Zhenkai Zhang, and Fan Yao

Automated Synthesis for In-Memory Computing

Muhammad Rashedul Haq Rashed, Sven Thijssen, Sumit Kumar Jha, Rickard Ewetz

Path-based Processing using In-Memory Systolic Arrays for Accelerating Data-Intensive Applications

Muhammad Rashedul Haq Rashed, Sven Thijssen, Sumit Kumar Jha, Hao Zheng, Rickard Ewetz

ARIES: Accelerating Distributed Training in Chiplet-based Systems via Flexible Interconnects

Lingxiang Yin, Amir Ghazizadeh, Ahmed Louri, Hao Zheng

SAGA: Sparsity-Agnostic Graph Convolutional Network Acceleration with Near-optimal Workload Balance

Sanjay Gandham*, Lingxiang Yin*, Hao Zheng, Mingjie Lin (*equal contribution)

Verification of Flow-Based Computing Systems using Bounded Model Checking

Sven Thijssen, Muhammad Rashedul Haq Rashed, Sumit Kumar Jha, Rickard Ewetz