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UCF Society of Women Engineers president Jordan Threlfall

Meet computer engineering student and UCF Society of Women Engineers president Jordan Threlfall

Engineering was a natural fit for Jordan Threlfall, a Clermont, Fla. native who has always had a passion for math and science. She says she chose computer engineering for its versatility.

“As we shift to a more digital age, computer engineering provides me with the skillset to work with these new technologies,” Threlfall says.

Studying computer engineering at UCF definitely has its advantages for Threlfall, as she’s able to apply her engineering knowledge as an undergraduate to another of her passions, themed entertainment. In fact, one of the factors she considered in choosing to study at UCF was its close proximity to world-class theme parks.

That decision is paying off today, as she is gaining real-world experience in the career of her dreams as a technical intern at Universal Creative. Working on their Advanced Technology Interactives/Research and Development team, Threlfall works on developing advanced technologies for themed environments.

“This internship experience has allowed me to innovate and create new, themed experiences using technology,” she says.

Though gaining real-world experience in the industry has been a highlight of her college career, she says her most meaningful experience as a Knight has been her involvement with the UCF Society of Women Engineers (SWE) section. Threlfall joined the chapter in 2020 as a freshman and knew instantly that she had found a home away from home.

“SWE offers so many things to its members. From professional development to social events to our yearly conference with the main organization, each of these things have positively contributed to my college experience and career preparation,” she says.

As an SWE member, Threlfall was able to attend SWE national’s WE22 conference in Houston, Texas, where she was able to network with several companies, such as Universal Creative. The event gave her the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, opening doors for future opportunities.

Now as SWE president, one of Threlfall’s goals is to increase membership and overall involvement in the chapter, both of which had been affected over the past two years by COVID-19. Since the first meeting last year, she is thrilled to report that membership nearly tripled.

“We strive to continue providing opportunities to our members and ensure that they are supported as women and as engineers,” she says.

Threlfall encourages her fellow future engineers to consider joining the chapter, as well as other registered student organizations.

“Take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Putting myself outside of my comfort zone has led me to several life-changing opportunities,” she says. “Get involved with your on-campus organizations. These groups work extremely hard to ensure that you have as many opportunities as possible. Doing this can lead to experiences that you would not get anywhere else.”