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The Engineering cleanrooms are a multi-user facility dedicated to providing university researchers, industrial and government partners with the capabilities they require. It contains lithography, deposition, etching, and characterization tools for 4-inch diameter silicon substrate processes. Highlights include atomic layer deposition, UHV PVD systems, a mask aligner with UV lithography system, and a PECVD. We are proud of our latest addition of the Heidelberg DWL 66+ laser lithography tool with a minimum resolution of 600 nm and a choice of grayscale lithography.

This facility is also an academic laboratory. Students learn the operation of the specialized equipment and the processes to fabricate microelectronic devices. Two courses, Thin-Film Technology (EEE 5332) and Fabrication of Solid-State Devices (EEE 5356), are offered for students to fabricate working devices and evaluate the characteristics of their devices. There are 3400 square feet of cleanroom space (Class 100 and Class 1000) distributed in the first floor of the Engineering 1 building.

The facility is a part of UCF’s Nanofabrication Shared Facility, which includes complementary cleanrooms in the College of Optics and Photonics and the College of Sciences.