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Internal UCF User Fees

Tier 0 – $12.00

Cleanroom General Use

Tier 1 – $15.00

Includes Tabletop RIE with SF6 capability, Minibrute Doping/Oxidation Furnaces and 3-D Surface Profiler.

Tier 2 – $20.00

Includes EVG 620 Mask Aligner & UV Lithography, Dektak Surface Profiler and Thin Film Stress Measurement Tool.


Tier 3 – $33.00

Includes Anric Technologies 4 inch ALD System, Vacuum Annealing Furnace, 2-Gun AJA EBeam Evaporation, 4-Gun AJA Sputtering, 3-Gun AJA Sputtering, 6-Gun AJA Sputtering, and Jipelec JetFirst 150 Rapid Thermal Annealer.

Tier 4 – $40.00

Includes Scanning Electron Microscope and Laser Lithography.