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Mask Aligner & UV Lithography

Tier 2, Room 124

Capabilities: Allows substrate sizes of 3 and 4 inches, substrates that are typically silicon, and there are 4-inch and 5-inch mask holders available. The maximum wafer thickness is 10 mm. The minimum feature size ranges from 1.0 um to 3.6 um depending on exposure mode.

Manufacturer/ Product Name: EVG 620

Laser Lithography

Tier 4, Room 163

Capabilities: Allows glass photomasks and silicon substrates are 5 inches and 4 inches in size, respectively. Utilizes a 405 nm diode laser and has three available write heads with minimum feature sizes of 0.6 um, 1 um, and 2 um. Additional features include backside alignment, vector exposure, and advanced grayscale exposure.

Manufacturer/ Product Name: Heidelberg DWL 66+