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Mingjie Lin

September 1, 2019
  Mingjie Lin Professor Ph.D., Electrical Engineering Stanford University, 2008 Email Phone Office HEC-237 Phone (407) 882-2298 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Bio-Inspied Logic Design with Graph and Field Theory Minimum-Energy Bio-Inspired Computing with Emerging Spintronic Devices Hardware-Assisted Large-Scale Neuroevolution for Multiagent Learning and Robotic Control Computer Architecture/Compiler, and Reconfigurable Computing Ongoing Research…

Reza Abdolvand

September 1, 2019
  Reza Abdolvand Professor Ph.D., Electrical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008 Email Phone Office HEC-439C Phone (407) 823-1760 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Micro- and Nano-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS) Micro-resonators for timing and data processing Resonant Sensors Ultrasonic Techniques for Bio-fluid Analysis at Small Scale Infrared Sensing Micro-fabrication Ongoing Research Projects Low-Loss Piezoelectric-on-Diamond…

Kalpathy B. Sundaram

August 31, 2019
  Kalpathy B. Sundaram Professor Ph.D., Electrical Engineering Indiana Institute of Technology, 1980 Email Phone Office HEC-419 Phone (407) 823-5326 E-mail Research Page Argis Research Research Interests Thin Film Microelectronic Materials and Processing Optoelectronic Thin Film Materials Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Protection Design and Simulation Ongoing Research Projects Preparation of Boron Carbon Nitride (BCN)…