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Kenle Chen

September 2, 2019
  Kenle Chen Assistant Professor Ph.D., Electrical Engineering Purdue University, 2013 Email Phone Office HEC-353 Phone (407) 823-0063 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Radio-frequency and millimeter-Wave integrated circuits Energy-efficient, high-speed, wideband, and high-efficiency radio solutions 5G-and-beyond wireless communication systems Reconfigurable high-frequency circuits Interdisciplinary applications of radio technology Ongoing Research Projects Linear, efficient, and…

Mohammad Assefzadeh

September 2, 2019
  Mohammad Assefzadeh Assistant Professor Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Rice University, 2018 Email Phone Office HEC-312 Phone (407) 823-5957 E-mail Home Page Research Interests High-complexity millimeter-wave and Terahertz (THz) signal generation and detection circuits Ultrahigh-speed silicon-based transceivers Large-scale high-efficiency/sensitivity CMOS beamforming arrays Chip-scale sensing and spectroscopy Hybrid electronic-photonic systems and quasi-optics Ongoing…