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2022 Events

Adaptive protection of distribution systems in presence of distributed energy sources

The protection system is a crucial part of the electric grid to enhance the power...
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uBrain: A Unary Brain Computer Interface

Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) have been widely adopted to enhance human perception via brain signals...
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Control of hyprid PV plants in the future power systems

With the increasing penetration of renewable generation and storage systems, new control methods have to...
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Towards ultarlow-power and scalable nanodevices using quantum materials

The current electronics industry is facing challenges both from the fundamental physics limit of silicon...
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A Journey from Mobile Platforms to Self- Powered Energy-Neutral Wearable Systems

Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison...
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L3Harris Engineering Center

University of Central Florida Mini Colloquium 2022

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